Week of 10/16-10/20

Spelling/Phonics– We have no spelling test this week. We are learning about the long e vowel sound.

Reading– We are reading Stellaluna and making a flip book full of activities about the book. We will also compared the differences and similarities between a bat and a bird.

Math– We are continuing missing addends (part, part, whole). ex. 8+___= 17 0r 10-___= 5

No school on Friday

Week of 10/9-10/13

Spelling/Phonics– We have a spelling test this week. Here are our words to study:
New words- same, day, any, too, man
Review words- to, that, have, there, then, could, called, know, write

Reading– We are still learning about nonfiction books. This week we are researching and writing about bats. Get ready to learn a lot about bats.

Math- We are learning about missing addends or part, part, whole problems. ex. 4+___= 10
What is the missing number or addend?

Remember to read at least 20 minutes with your child every night and sign their reading log. Thank you to those parents that are doing that, it really makes a difference in your child’s reading!

Upcoming Dates and Events

October 4– Early Release at 11:30

October 13– Pink Out Day

October 20– No school- Teacher Work Day

October 21– Fall Carnival

Red Ribbon Week October 23-27
Monday- Wear Red
Tuesday- Pajama Day (Dress Code Appropriate)
Wednesday- Wear Sports/College Shirts and Crazy Socks
Thursday- Dress Like a Super Hero
Friday- Wear Neon

Week of 10/2-10/6

Spelling/Phonics- We are working on long vowel sounds.

Reading- This week we are learning about text features of a nonfiction book. (Table of contents, captions, headings, subheadings, glossary, index and diagrams)

Math- We are reviewing all math concepts that have been taught so far this 9 weeks. We have a math common assessment on Monday. (Coins, ways to make ten, doubles, doubles +1, number strings and addition/subtraction problem solving)

Week of 9/25-9/29

Spelling/Phonics– We have a spelling test on Friday. Here are our words for this week:
New words- good, new, write, our, me
Review words- as, they, when, their, two, like, people, use, words

Reading– We are learning about putting a story in sequential order, what happens first, next, then, last. We read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat, put the events in order and then the students came up with their own story.

Math- In math this week we are learning how to add number strings looking for 4 clues to help us.
We are also identifying if a number is odd or even.

1. Doubles
2. Ways to make 10
3. Friendly numbers
4. Doubles +1

ex.: 6+7+6= (Add the doubles together first 6+6= 12 and then add 12+7= 19)

Supply Drive

A note went home this week about a supply drive for Beaumont ISD. That city and their schools were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey and our school district would like to help them out by sending donations of school supplies and other items they may have lost.

Thank you so much for your help!

Week of 9/11-9/15

Spelling/Phonics– This week we will have our first spelling test on Friday. Every other week we will have a spelling test and the off weeks we will have some sort of phonics lesson. Last week we reviewed and discussed nouns. Also, when we have a spelling test we will have 5 new words and the rest of the words will be review words that are posted on our word wall. Then the next time we have a spelling test those last 5 words will go on the word wall and they will get 5 more new words. Here are this week’s words.

New words: go, much, back, through, get

Review words: they, have, what, there, which, been, now little, called

Reading– We are learning how to make inferences while we are reading a passage. You make an inference when you use clues from the story plus what you already know to figure out something that the author doesn’t directly tell you.

Math– We are learning the value of each coin and how to count a mixture of coins. Please practice skip counting by 5’s and 10’s, especially in the middle of counting numbers.
Ex. 25,30, 35, 40
30, 40, 50, 60

Most students know how to skip count by 5’s and 10’s when starting at the beginning but find it difficult when starting in the middle.

Scholastic Book Order
I sent home with your child today a Scholastic Book order. It is not due till Monday, October 2. If everyone gets their order in before the due date, I may send the order in sooner. I have attached a letter with all the information about who to make the checks to and about how you can order on-line using our class code printed on the letter and order form.