Week of 4/24 – 4/28

Spelling/Phonics– This week is our last spelling test of the year. Wow, the school year has flown by!
New words: end, left, us, never, last
Review words: are, have, their, other, people, find, use, know, our, place, number

Reading– We will be starting a unit on Ocean Animals. We will read about the ocean and the animals that live there.

Math– This week we will be learning about measurement: centimeters, inches & feet.

* There will not be anymore math homework for the rest of the year. Students need to still study for their last spelling test this week and continue reading every night.

Field Trip Tomorrow

We have sent home with your child today a t-shirt that Snider Electric provided for free. Please have your child wear that t-shirt tomorrow for our field trip to Penick Park. Also please remember to have your child wear tennis shoes and sunscreen as well. They will not need to bring a lunch or their backpack. I will also have a sign out sheet if you would like to leave with your child from the park.

Upcoming Events

Here is a list of dates for those that might want to ask off for field trips and other up coming events.

April 21st- CHAMPS Assembly at 8:00 am & Field Trip to Penick Park for our Earth Day celebration at 8:45 am

May 10th- Field Trip to Yesterland in Canton

May 18th- Field Day 12:30-2:30

Reminder About Party Day

Please remember to send 12 eggs with your child tomorrow morning for the Easter Egg hunt. Be sure to number them 1-11 and put their first and last name on the 12th egg. Also please remember to send any snacks or drinks that was assigned to your child in the morning as well.

Also, there will be a sign out sheet in the class room if you would like to check your child out after the party.

Week of 4/3- 4/7

Spelling/Phonics– We will be having a spelling test this week. Here are our words for the week:
New words: read, under, own, set, line
Review words: they, their, there, these, who, people, much, right, even, every, found

Reading– We are continuing our PBL on Recycling. We will be creating our mid-way project this week at school.

Math– We are continuing time. We will be working on 5 minute increments and time to the minute.

Week of 3/27-3/31

Spelling/Phonics- We will review different spelling patterns that we have learned throughout the year.

Reading- We are continuing our PBL about recycling.

Math- We are beginning time this week. We will start with a review of telling time by the hour and half hour, then we will begin quarter hour using vocabulary words such as half-past and a quarter- till. By the end of next week they will need to know how to tell time on an analog clock by the minute. Next week will begin telling time by 5 minute increments and then to the minute.

Week of March 20th – 24th

Spelling/Phonics– We have a spelling test this week. Here are our words for the week:
New words: air, give, big, home, should
Review words: they, there, their, these, other, people, because, such, different, between, name

Reading- We are starting our PBL (Project Based Learning) about Recycling this week. It will last for 4 weeks and we will go in depth about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. You will probably be hearing a lot about those three things for the next few weeks at home, so get ready to learn about the 3 R’s.

Math– We are learning about 3D shapes and their attributes. (How many faces, edges and vertices.)

We are completely out of pencils and glue sticks. If you are able, please send some to school with your child.
Thank you in advance!