Homework 10/24 – 10/28

Spelling- We do have a spelling test this week.

New Words: around, also, think, look, right
Review Words: are, as, one, more, there, their, these, down, through

Reading- In class we are reading and learning about pumpkins (nonfiction, life cycle). Please remember to read 20 minutes daily and sign reading log.

Math- In class we are learning about place value (hundreds, ten, ones). Homework is missing addends.

Red Ribbon Week October 24- 28

The Red Ribbon Week theme days are:

Monday- “I Matter so I’m drug free!”- Wear Red
Tuesday- “Be smart, don’t do drugs!”- Dress as a “NERD”
Wednesday- “Soar above the rest, be drug free.”- Dress as a “SUPER HERO”
Thursday- “Use your head, don’t do drugs.” Crazy Hat Day
Friday- “Don’t snooze, stay alert and away from drugs.” Wear dress code appropriate pajamas.

The Fall Harvest Carnival sponsored by our band boosters will be held on October 29.

Homework 10/17-10/20 & no school or Pep Rally Friday

Spelling/Phonics- There will be no spelling test this week. We are working on the long e sound in phonics.

Reading- We are comparing the difference between what is fiction and nonfiction and reading Stelleluna. Read 20 minutes daily and sign reading log.

Math- Part-Part-Whole:We are learning how to find the missing addend in an addition problem. Ex. 5+?=9

Remember that there is no school or pep rally on Friday, October 21, due to a teacher work day.

Homework week of 10/10-10/14

Spelling/Phonics- We do have a spelling test this week. Here are our words for this week:
New words: same, any, day, too (also), man
Review words: to, that, have, there, then, could, called, know, write

*Also is not a spelling word for this week, however there are 2 different ways to spell to, (too) and I wanted the students to know which one to spell and when.

Math- We are reviewing concepts we have learned since school has started: counting a mixture of coins, number strings, odds & evens, doubles, ways to make 10 and 1 digit addition and subtraction.

Reading- Read for 20 minutes daily and sign reading log. We are learning about nonfiction and how to identify a fiction book from a nonfiction book.

I will also be out Friday so we will have our spelling test on Thursday.

Homework 10/3 – 10/7

Spelling/Phonics- We have no spelling test this week, we are working on the long a vowel sound.

Reading- Please read for at least 20 minutes and sign reading log. We have started the Book it! reading program and so your child will have a different reading log to sign for the month of October. We are also learning about nonfiction books and bats is our nonfiction topic.

Math- We are focusing on odd & even numbers and number order. However their math homework is still number strings.

Have a fabulous week!!

Homework 9/26-9/30

Spelling/Phonics- We have a spelling test this week.
Here are our spelling words for this week:
New Words: write, good, new, our, me
Review Words: as, they, when, their, two, like, people, use, words

Math- We are beginning a new skill this week called Number Strings. Your child has a math homework sheet to work on with number strings. It is due Friday.

Reading- Please continue to read with your child every night for at least 20 minutes and sign their reading log.

Have an awesome week!!