Coin Drive for Olivia

Due to snow days, the coin drive for Olivia Hale will last until next Wednesday.

Monday will be “Sock-it to Moebius Syndrome” so wear crazy socks.

Tuesday will be “Thinking About Olivia” so wear a hat.

Wednesday will be Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day so wear purple.

The coin drive for Olivia will end on Wednesday.

Week of 1/8-1/12

Spelling/Phonics– We have a spelling test this week. Here are our words:
New words- place, well, such, here, take
Review words- there, each, more, make, water, around, three, must, even

Reading– We are learning about Fairy Tales and what makes a story a Fairy Tale.
1. The story starts with “Once upon a time..”
2. Ends with “They lived happily ever after.”
3. Magic or spells
4. Prince or princess
5. Evil Character/Good Character
6. Talking Animals
7. Make believe
8. Problem/Solution

Math– We are learning about the different types of graphs. (Tally Charts, Bar Graph, Pictograph) We also learning how to read a graph and answer questions based on information from a graph. We also took a survey today and put our findings onto a Tally Chart.


There will be no school this Thursday, December 14th and Friday, December 15th. All after school activities, including the boys and girls club, have also been cancelled. School will resume on Monday, December 18th. The 2nd Grade Dr. Seuss performance has been rescheduled for one performance next week on Tuesday, December 19th at 8:45 am.

Please continue to check the blog for any updates or information regarding activities for next week.

A note will be going home today with information regarding these changes.

Upcoming Events & Important Dates to Remember

December 4th– White Oak Christmas Parade at 7:00pm

December 14– Seuss Christmas Musical 8:30am (Performance for K-1st), 9:30am (Performance for 3rd-5th), 6:30pm (students will need to be in their teacher’s classroom by 6:00pm)

December 19th– Polar Express Day and Early Release at 11:45. Students may wear dress code appropriate pajamas on that day.

December 20th– Christmas Parties and Early Release at 11:45. Our party starts at 9:00am (if you are helping set up please be there at 8:30). Parents may leave with their child after the party, there will be a sign out sheet in the classroom.

December 21- January 3rd– Christmas Break

Week of 11/27-12/1

Spelling/Phonics– This week we have a spelling test. Here are our words for this week:
New words- even, part, does, because, must
Review words-your, their, how, many, these, people, through, much, also

Reading– We are learning about author’s purpose, why an author might write a passage.
PIEPersuade, Inform, Entertain

Math- We are continuing two-digit addition with regrouping (borrowing or carrying as we use to call it).

Reminders and Upcoming Dates to Remeber

*Reminder that Scholastic Book Orders are due this Thursday, November 9th.

*If your child is decorating a feather it is due this Wednesday, November 8th. Remember, this is optional.

* Remember also that the food drive is going on now at our school. Please bring canned items such as soups, meat or fruit. They do not need canned vegetables at this time.

*A note went home today about “A Seussical Christmas” program that the 2nd graders and select choir members will be performing on Thursday, December 14th. Friends and family are invited to come watch them perform at 6:30pm. Your child will need to be at the school and in their teacher’s class by 6:00. Dress like a Christmas “Who” from “Whoville”. Please wear bright colors, with no writing, logos or designs. For their hair, the sillier the better. Boys, spike up your hair with hair gel and girls, get creative with braids, ponytails or “cup hair”.

Week of 11/6-11/10

Spelling/Phonics- We have a spelling test this week and we are also learning about Bossy R (-ir, -er,-ar, -or).
New words- came, come, another, work, three
Review words- what, there, then, many, time, first, little, new, around

Reading– We are learning about what the main idea of a passage or story is and what are the supporting details.

Math- This week in math we are continuing place value up to 1,200 and introducing 2 digit addition without regrouping.

Brookshire’s Cash for My Class

Awhile back a note went home about Brookshire’s Cash for My Class which I’ve attached to this blog. I have also attached a photo of some Cash for My Class key tags that will be going home tomorrow. Please use these key tags every time you visit Brookshire’s or Super 1 foods. I apologize for the photos being sideways, for some reason that is how they attached to the blog.