Week of 5/14-5/18

*We are done with homework for the year. That includes math papers and reading logs. Parents, please have your child check their rooms, backpacks or anywhere you think there may be a book that belongs to the school.

*Throughout the week we will be sending things home from our desk and classroom.

*We have also sent home our last set of graded papers.

*Friday we will have bounce houses during our peripherals time. Please make sure that your child wears or brings socks on that day.

Wednesday, May 16th is our field trip to the Planetarium. Remember, due to limited seating parents will not be able to go to the Planetarium but will be able to meet us at Bergfeld Park in Tyler for lunch. Please make sure that your child brings a sack lunch and drink with their name on it, unless you indicated on their slip for a sack lunch from the cafeteria. You may also sign your child out from the park with their teacher.