Week of 9/2- 9/6

I apologize for just now posting on my blog.  With it being a short week and being out yesterday, I wasn’t able to post until today.


We are learning that a noun is either a person, place or thing.  We are also learning the difference between a common noun and a proper noun. We are still learning about short and long vowel sounds and our focus is long vowels with the “tricky” or “silent” e.  Our words for spelling this week are:

  1. make
  2. nice
  3. pride
  4. joke
  5. bone
  6. wave
  7. write
  8. drive
  9. mine
  10. huge
  11. after*
  12. I’m*
  13. been*

* sight words



Our focus this week is learning about Plot and the elements that make up a plot in a story. We’ve been reading Kevin Henkes books to help us learn about plot.



We are starting our unit on coins and how to count a collect of coins up to $1.00.

Please work with your child on skip counting by 5’s and 10’s.  This will help them learn to count coins faster and it will make it much easier for them.  We are starting to learn a few strategies to help with counting coins and I will post next week the strategies we have learned so far.


Important Information

Sept. 19th – Fall Pictures

Sept. 25th- Early Release @ 11:30 for teacher training.