Help! Missing Books!

I am missing several books, especially chapter books, so if you could please look in your child’s room or backpacks to see if maybe they have disappeared or are in hiding in those places it would be greatly appreciated. Most of the books that I have in my classroom are books that I have purchased with my personal money and would love to have those books for future classes to enjoy. Thank you for your help!

Valentine’s Day Parties

Tomorrow is our Valentine’s Day Party 12:00-1:00. Parents are invited to come and enjoy the fun with us. I will have a sign out sheet in the classroom if you would like to take your child home with you after the party.

*Mrs. Koonce has asked that you not eat lunch with your child tomorrow because we will have so many people in the building for the parties.

Week of 2/12- 2/16

Spelling/Phonics– This week we are taking a spelling test. Here are our words for this week:
New words- small, say, men, tell, great
Review words- they, their, would, very, after, most, through, think, around, help, different

Reading– For the next couple of weeks we will be learning about poetry and the different types of poems. The type of poems we will be focusing on this week are: Senses Poems, Haiku, Diamante, Cinquain, and Rebus.

Math– This week we will be focusing on different types of math facts such as 3 digit addition with regrouping and 3 digit subtraction with regrouping. We will also be focusing on multistep story problems as well.

Week of 1/29-2/2

Spelling/Phonics- This week will have a spelling test. Here are our words for this week:
New words- different, away, why, put, help
Review words- are, there, about, only, way, find, use, too, think, because, here

Reading– This week we will be reading different stories and locating contractions in our stories. We will discuss how a contraction is two words but together to make one word using apostrophes.

Math– We will continue working on double digit subtraction with regrouping.

Week of 1/22- 1/26

Spelling/PhonicsWe do not have a spelling test this week. Our spelling test was suppose to have been last week but with Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the snow days it made for a short week to study spelling words. We will have a spelling test next week. We will be learning about prefixes and how they can change the meaning of a word. Ex. like and dislike

Reading– We will be learning that a Fable is a fictional tale that teaches a lesson or a moral. It is always entertaining, and it often has animals that talk and act like humans.

Math– We are starting double digit addition with regrouping. We are starting out using base ten blocks to understand how we regroup a ten into 10 ones. Basically borrowing, as we use to say in school.

We are learning several rhymes to help us.
1. If there’s more on the floor, go next door and get 10 more.
2. If there’s more on top, there’s no need to stop.
3. If the numbers are the same, then zero is the game.

Coin Drive for Olivia

Due to snow days, the coin drive for Olivia Hale will last until next Wednesday.

Monday will be “Sock-it to Moebius Syndrome” so wear crazy socks.

Tuesday will be “Thinking About Olivia” so wear a hat.

Wednesday will be Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day so wear purple.

The coin drive for Olivia will end on Wednesday.

Week of 1/8-1/12

Spelling/Phonics– We have a spelling test this week. Here are our words:
New words- place, well, such, here, take
Review words- there, each, more, make, water, around, three, must, even

Reading– We are learning about Fairy Tales and what makes a story a Fairy Tale.
1. The story starts with “Once upon a time..”
2. Ends with “They lived happily ever after.”
3. Magic or spells
4. Prince or princess
5. Evil Character/Good Character
6. Talking Animals
7. Make believe
8. Problem/Solution

Math– We are learning about the different types of graphs. (Tally Charts, Bar Graph, Pictograph) We also learning how to read a graph and answer questions based on information from a graph. We also took a survey today and put our findings onto a Tally Chart.