Week of 8/26-8/30

Hello!  Welcome to my blog!  I will be posting what we will be learning for Spelling/Phonics, Reading and Math each week.  I will also be posting any important information or dates that will be coming up.  As always, if you ever have any questions, or need clarification about something, don’t hesitate to ask by sending me an email, writing a note in the planner or leaving me message at 903-291-2155.


We will take our first spelling test on Friday.  I will be sending a note home tomorrow explaining a little bit about how our spelling test will work this year.

Our focus will be short and long vowel sounds using the “silent” or “tricky” e.  These are our words for this week:

  1. cap
  2. mix
  3. stop
  4. dug
  5. met
  6. flag
  7. best
  8. note
  9. fine
  10. slide
  11. than*
  12. about*
  13. back*

*Our last 3 words are sight words.



We will be learning how to pick a good or “just right” book.  This is a skill that our students need to learn in order to be independent readers.  They need to know and understand how to choose a book that’s right for them, a book that they are able to read instead of  a book that might frustrated them.  We will learn, discuss and demonstrate the difference between what is a Real Reader vs. a Fake Reader.  We also took our first trip to the library today.



We will be reviewing “Ways to Make Ten” and “Doubles”.  These concepts will help when we start learning Number Strings :(5+4+6=  or  4+3+2+2=).  We will begin learning how to count a collection of coins in the next few weeks so please be practicing skip counting by 5’s and 10’s (not necessarily starting at 5 or 10).


Important Dates

Sept. 2- Labor Day (holiday) No School

Sept. 19th- Fall Picture Day

Sept. 25th- Early Release 11:30 (Teacher PLC)

Week of 5/13- 5/17

Field Trips
May 14th- Field Trip to Planetarium and Bergfeld Park in Tyler. Your child does not need to bring their backpack on that day. I will have a sign out sheet for those that would like to check out their child while we are at the park.

May 15th- Field Trip to Penick Park for a “Fun Day”. Your child will not need to bring their backpack on that day. I will have a sign out sheet for those that would like to check their child out from the park. Please make sure that your child wears sunscreen and has a bottle of water for them to drink at the park. It is going to be hot.

May 16th-17th- Your child will need to bring their backpack on those days because we will start sending supplies, folders and journals home. I will also be checking planners and reading logs as well. Friday will be our last day for reading logs.

Boys and Girls Club Only
May 17th is the last day for Boys and Girls Club. Please make sure you make other arrangements for transportation for the following week. I will need a note letting me know how they will be getting home on those days. If your child does not attend Boys and Girls Club you do not need to send a note.

Last Week of School
May 20th- Your child may bring a board game, puzzles and books to enjoy for game time and reading. A small stuffed animal and blanket is allowed for reading but it must fit in their backpack. We’d like to keep the board games and puzzles over night so they can enjoy them again on Tuesday but they will need to take their blankets and stuffed animals home. They will need their backpack.

May 21st- We will enjoy puzzles and board games again. They will need their backpack. This is also an early release day at 11:30.

May 22nd- Last Day of School! We will enjoy a movie and popcorn treat. You don’t need to bring anything! (No backpacks) It is also an early release day at 11:30.

Week of 5/7-5/11

The end of the year is fast approaching!! I will not be posting anymore weekly blogs of what we are doing in our different school subjects because we are reviewing for the end of the year. I will, however, continue to post about upcoming events and important things to remember.

Our last spelling test is this week. Here are our words:
1. end
2. left
3. us
4. never
5. last
6. are
7. have
8. their
9. other
10. people
11. find
12. use
13. know
14. our
15. place
16. number

Field Trip Money ($3.00) and Field Trip Permission slips are due tomorrow for the Planetarium.
I sent home another slip today for those who have not yet turned in a signed form. In order for your child to be able to go on the field trip we have to have permission for them to be able to travel on the bus.

We sent home another permission slip for our “Fun Day” Field Trip to Penick Park that needs to be signed and brought back tomorrow as well.

May 10th- CHAMPS Assembly with Pre-K
May 14th- Field Trip to Planetarium
May 15th- “Fun Day” Field Trip to Penick Park
May 21st- Early Release at 11:30
May 22nd- Early Release at 11:30 (Last Day of School)

Easter Egg Hunt

Due to the inclement weather, 2nd grade will be having their easter egg hunt in the elementary gym at 12:00. Parents who were planning on helping hide the eggs will need to be at the gym at 11:45. I will need a parent to come get the eggs from the classroom to take to the gym. If you were planning to help set up the classroom for the party still plan to come at 11:30. Thank you for all your help!

Week of 4/15-4/19

We do not have a spelling test this week, however, since this week and next week are short weeks I have given them their spelling words for the following week. We will take our test next Thursday, April 25th.
1. read
2. under
3. own
4. set
5. line
6. they
7. there
8. their
9. these
10. who
11. people
12. much
13. right
14. even
15. every
16. found

This week in Reading we are continuing our Read-A-Loud, Shared Reading chapter book. We are also writing fictional stories about Easter. There is no reading test this week due to a short week. We will take it next week.

Our focus this week is about 3D shapes. We learning about how many vertices, edges and faces each 3D shape has. There is no math test this week due to a short week. We will take it next week.

April 18th- Easter Parties at 12:00-1:00 (If you are planning on helping hide eggs or set up the classroom for the party, please plan to be at the school by 11:30.)
April 19th- Good Friday- No school
April 22nd- No School- School Holiday
April 26th- Field Day 12:15-3:00

Week of 4/8-4/12

We have a spelling test this week. Here are our words:

1. air
2. give
3. big
4. home
5. should
6. they
7. there
8. their
9. these
10. other
11. people
12. because
13. such
14. different
15. between
16. name

We are also reviewing nouns, verbs and adjectives this week as well.

We will be reading a couple of chapter books in class together this week to review inferencing and character traits.

Our focus this week will be 2D shapes. We will first identify if a 2D shape is a polygon by learning the 3 attributes of a polygon.
1. It is a closed figure.
2. It has straight lines.
3. It has at least 3 or more sides.

We will also learn the names of the polygons and how many sides and vertices each shape has.

April 18th- Easter Party/Egg Hunt at 12:00-1:00
April 19th- Holiday, Good Friday
April 22nd- School Holiday, No School
April 26th- Field Day at 12:15-3:00

Week of 4/1- 4/5

We are finishing up our last week of our PBL about insects. The kids have really enjoyed watching our caterpillars form into a chrysalis and now we are just watching and waiting for them to come out and appear as a beautiful butterfly. We have learned a lot about insects and especially butterflies. If you have a shoe box or two that you could send with your child to school that would be very helpful, as we plan to make an insect habitat (diorama) this week.

We are finishing up our last week of telling time on a clock. Our focus this week will be to learn how to tell time to the minute on an analog clock. If you are able, please help your child practice this at home. It can be a hard concept to learn, especially when it is down to the minute.

April 18th- Class Easter Party and Egg Hunt 12:00-1:00 (You may sign your child out after the party)
April 19th- Good Friday (Holiday, No School)
April 22nd- School Holiday, No School
April 26th- Field Day 12:15-3:00

A note went home today about the Easter Party and the Egg Hunt. Please check your child’s take home folder for information about what to bring and when to bring it for the party.

Week of 3/18-3/22

We are starting our 2nd Grade PBL and will continue for the next several weeks. In years past we have always done a recycling program but this year we decided to learn about animal lifecycles and how animals can help and impact our environment. Each class will be focusing on one particular animal, observing the animal through the lifecycle stages, researching habitats and environments of that animal and understanding how it contributes to helping our environment and how we can help them to survive. Our animal will be the caterpillar/butterfly.
Our driving question is: Why are animal habitats important and how can we positively impact them to better insure their survival?

For the next several weeks our focus will be telling time on an analog clock. Our end goal will be to learn how to tell time to the nearest minute. This week we will review telling time to the hour and half hour.

March 21st- Student Led Parent Conferences (Please check your child’s planner for your scheduled time.)
April 18th- Easter Parties/Egg Hunt (A note will be going home with information closer to the date.)
April 19th- Good Friday, Holiday (No School)
April 22nd- Holiday (No School)

Week of 2/25 – 3/1

We have a spelling test this week. Here are our list of words:
1. small
2. say
3. men
4. tell
5. great
6. they
7. their
8. would
9. very
10. after
11. most
12. through
13. think
14. around
15. help
16. different

We have started our Mo Willems author study focusing on dialogue, character feelings and character traits.

Our focus this week is fractions, how many parts of a whole are shaded.

February 27th- Early release at 11:30 due to teacher training. There will be no Boys & Girls Club.
March 5th- Spring Picture Day
March 11th- 15th- Spring Break
March 18th- Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day (No school)

Week of 2/4- 2/8

Our focus this week are suffixes. A suffix is added to the end of a word to change the meaning of the word. Suffixes we are focusing on this week are:
-less= without, -ful= full of, -er= more, -est= most or best

We are reading and learning about Tall Tales. There are 4 aspects or indicators that make a story a Tall Tale.
These include:
1. A larger-than-life or superhuman character with a specific job.
2. A problem that is solved in a funny way.
3. Exaggerated details that describe things as greater than they really are.
4. Characters who use everyday language.

Our focus this week is learning to how solve Multi-step word problems. There is always at least 2 math problems, usually an addition and subtraction but sometimes there might be 2 subtraction problems or 2 addition problems.
Ex. Henry baked 44 cheese pizzas and Tommy bake 38 pepperoni pizzas to sell at the football game. At the end of the game there were 5 pizzas left over. How many pizzas were sold?
Step 1 addition problem: 44+38=82 Step 2 subtraction problem: 82-5=77

February 14th- Valentines Party 12:00-1:00
February 18th- Holiday, No School
February 22nd- Mother/Son Game Night (New Middle School Gym) 6:00-8:00