Important Things to Remember

March 26th– Reading Contest Starts

March 27th– Easter Eggs are Due (Remember to number 1-12 and put your child’s first & last name on the 12th egg.)

March 28th– Party Favors and Snack are Due; Scholastic Book Orders are Due

March 29th– Easter Parties 12:00-1:00

March 30– No school! Good Friday

*If your child does not bring eggs for the easter egg hunt they will not get to participate in the hunt.
Please try and bring them by tomorrow. If you are not able to, then at least have them by Wednesday so that I know who needs or has eggs for the hunt. Thank you!

Week of 3/26-3/30

Spelling/Phonic– Due to this being short week with Easter Parties and Good Friday, we will not have a spelling test this week. We will review different phonics lessons we have done throughout the year.

Reading– We are continuing our PBL on the 3 R’s.

Math- We will continue telling time on an analog and digital clock. This week our focus will be time in 5 minute increments.

Easter Party

A note went home today about the Easter Party we will be having on Thursday, March 29th at 12:00. Your child has been assigned an item to bring by Wednesday, March 28th. They will also need to bring 12 plastic filled eggs by Tuesday, March 27th. Tape and number the eggs 1-12, then put your child’s first and last name on the 12th egg only. Please, NO peanut products as there are children with peanut allergies. We will also need 2-3 parent volunteers to hide eggs and 2-3 parents to help set up snacks in the classroom. Please indicate on your child’s note if you would like to help. Don’t hesitate to call or send a note if you have any questions.

Week of 3/19-3/23

Spelling/Phonics– We will have a spelling test the next 4 weeks and then we will be done with our spelling for the year. After we have finished up our last spelling test we will then focus on any phonics lessons we have not covered or we will review any phonics lessons we had throughout the year.
New words: name, between, still, found, every
Review words: with, have, what, when, there, then, could, its, where, place, went

Reading– Today we started our PBL (Project Based Learning) on the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and conservation. Our driving question is: Why are the 3 R’s important and how do they keep the earth clean and protected for future generations? We are going to be learning a lot about recycling and conservation for the next 5 weeks.

Math– This week we will begin learning about how to tell time on a digital and analog clock. We are reviewing time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour. Next week we will begin telling time in 5 minute increments and then the following week we will begin telling time to the minute.

Important Information

CHAMPS Assembly
This week we are doing the CHAMPS Assembly with Mrs. Wingo’s kindergarten class. The assembly starts at 8:00, so if you would like to come, then you might want to get her around 7:55 or so.

Spring Break
Don’t forget that next week is Spring Break! March 12th- March 16th. Then Monday, March 19th is a student holiday.
Enjoy your long break with your family!

Spring Picture Day
Picture Day will be that Tuesday we get back from Spring Break- March 20th.

Easter Party and Good Friday
Our Easter Party will be Thursday, March 29th at 12:00 and there will be no school on Good Friday, March 30th. A note will be going home after Spring Break about the Easter Party.

Week of 3/5- 3/9

Spelling/Phonics– We are working on homophones (words that sound the same but are spelling differently and mean different things).
Ex. deer- dear

Reading– We are reviewing Making Connections with the story. Whether it’s text-self, text-world or text-text. We are mainly going to focus on text-self. We are also going to review non-fiction texts and what are the attributes of a non-fiction text.
1. Gives us real information
2. Has a glossary
3. Photographs
4. index
5. table of contents

Math– We are continuing with fractions as parts of a whole or 2 out of 5 are shaded (2/5).

Help! Missing Books!

I am missing several books, especially chapter books, so if you could please look in your child’s room or backpacks to see if maybe they have disappeared or are in hiding in those places it would be greatly appreciated. Most of the books that I have in my classroom are books that I have purchased with my personal money and would love to have those books for future classes to enjoy. Thank you for your help!