Week of 9/14-9/18


Read 20 Minutes each night and sign reading log

Math Homework sheet due Friday

Spelling Test (Please practice your child’s spelling words with them)



Our focus this week is VCC (vowel, consonant, consonant) pattern words.  Our words for this week are:

  1. last
  2. test
  3. list
  4. gift
  5. math
  6. sick
  7. think
  8. cash
  9. wing
  10. junk
  11. your*
  12. who*
  13. when*

*Word Wall Words



This week we are learning how to retell or sequence a story using SWBST:

Somebody (Who is the Main Character?)

Wanted  (What are they trying to achieve?)

But  (What is the problem or obstacle they must overcome?)

So  (How did they solve the problem?)

Then  (How was the story resolved?)



We are continuing our lesson about Place Value.  We will be talking about the thousands place this week.



September 17th:  Fall Pictures

September 23rd: Early Release (teacher training)


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