Week of 11/30- 12/4


Read 20 minutes each night and sign reading log

Complete math homework sheet-due Friday

Study Spelling words for test on Friday



We are continuing our previous lesson about Bossy “R”.  Last time we learned how “r” can change the way a vowel sounds.  We have already learned and practiced words with “ar” and “or”.  This week our words will have “ir”, “ur” and “er”.

  1. her
  2. paper
  3. chirp
  4. birthday
  5. purple
  6. turn
  7. fern
  8. verb
  9. girl
  10. stir
  11. over*
  12. their*
  13. here*

*Word Wall/High Frequency Words



We are continuing our lesson on Author’s Purpose or “P.I.E”.  Our focus will be on how an author tries to Persuade or Entertain a reader.



We are reviewing how to count a collection of coins.



December 17th: Early Release at 11:30

December 18th: Early Release at 11:30

December 21st- January 4th: Christmas Break

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